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Free Version : 140 entries
Full Version : 9000 entries


LinguaSaver is a Language ScreenSaver to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian or German vocabulary, words, phrases and conjugation forms.
A perfect tool for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with a foreign language
without having to dedicate much time or energy learning.

The memorizing technique of LinguaSaver is based on relaxation and repetition, using the hypnotic power of a screensaver in a positive way, whenever you take a break on your computer.

Without having to worry about scheduling any lesson, your LinguaSaver will teach you by surprise, teasing your brain with vocabulary and phrases going back and forth between your native language and the foreign language that you want to learn.

Next time your computer goes into sleep mode, your LinguaSaver will spread its knowledge in the room.
Just relax and watch whenever you feel like it.

LinguaSaver - Content

Linguasaver will display words and phrases translated between 2 languages selected among English, Spanish, French, Italian or German.

Free Version LinguaSaver

Each of the 5 languages comes with more than 100 basic words and phrases and it is free to download, use and share (but not sell).

Full Version LinguaSaver

You can upgrade each language individually and unlock about 9000 useful words, phrases and conjugation forms :

- Vocabulary themes : General words, Travel, People, Food, House, Nature, Work, Shopping, Arts/Leisure, Society. Each category is divided into groups of different levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or phrases)

- Grammar : conjugations of verbs in up to 8 different tenses (present, past, future,...)

We keep on improving the content of the full versions, and each registered customer is always eligible for free upgrades of his/her LinguaSaver.

Your Personal Teacher

Most of the learning methods require work and dedication.
If it's a book, you have to read it, over and over.
If it's a class, you have to attend week after week and study.

With LinguaSaver, you just have to install it on your computer, and forget about it.

LinguaSaver, like a living teacher, will come to you every now and then, to communicate its knowledge.
Every day, it will teach you a few new words or remind you some useful phrases.
You don't need to plan any lessons, LinguaSaver is in charge.

As long as you leave it active on your computer, you will keep on learning.

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